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Maria is just what the postpartum mother needs!  She is kind, patient, nonjudgmental, and a great listener.  It was so helpful to have an extra set of hands around the house during the difficult initial postpartum period.  She helped with dishes, sorting laundry, home organization, and newborn and breastfeeding education. I was so impressed with Maria’s proactiveness and her ability to anticipate needs.  We’d start each visit by setting goals or a flexible agenda, but she would always do more than asked. As a women’s healthcare professional myself, I will advocate for all women to have access to a postpartum doula!"

Rachel, OBGYN

Working with Maria provided some of the very best days after baby arrived. Her calm energy soothed me during tough PPD moments and helped me gain confidence as a first time mom. She helped me better care for myself and my son, and provided support, respect and guidance that carried me through the fourth trimester. I am so glad she was on my team and recommend her wholeheartedly. She’s magic."

Amy, first time mom

Maria is such a special person - her positive attitude, flexibility, and passion for her profession as a doula was so apparent in the first moments with us. She allowed us to solely focus on our new little one and helped tremendously with the transition as new parents once we were home from the hospital. She was and continues to be such a valuable resource for us during this delicate time. We are so grateful for the time she spent with us, and we couldn’t have imagined the post-partum time without her!

Laura, first time mom

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