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After seeing all of my clients using some variation of similar products, I decided it was time to make a basket with everything they would need all in one place.


There are so many important decisions to make regarding birth + postpartum, and decision fatigue will often set in by the time you need to decide what products are safe and effective.


My hope is that this basket will help alleviate some of that!


I have teamed up with four women-owned businesses here in Richmond, VA to provide you with everything you + baby need during those early postpartum days.


The basket is a perfect end of pregnancy treat for yourself or baby shower gift for a loved one.

What's included?& Why?

Shop La Lyra postpartum recovery bath- I am constantly telling my clients to hop in the bath. It’s healing, soothing, and good for you physically and mentally after childbirth. This herbal bath salt is jam packed with incredible ingredients that will have you restored and refreshed.


Shop La Lyra nipple balm- Use to soothe your sore, tired nipples. Can be used before and after a feed- and best yet, there is no need to wipe off before offering the breast to baby.


Shop La Lyra healing mist- Perfect to spray right on or for making freezer padsicles to boost healing. This mist repairs tears and soothes swelling and bruising.


Maven Made every body oil- I love this because it is safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum and baby too! Ideal for that stretching skin during pregnancy, dry, itchy skin you may experience postpartum and for a lovely infant massage for baby after bath time. Essential oil free, organic formula.


Rasananda Ayurveda lactation tonic- A truly delicious loose leaf tea that is both warming and nourishing. This blend directly encourages the production of breastmilk, balanced digestion, and uterine health.


Rasananda Ayurveda herbal compress- I am absolutely 100% in love with this herbal compress. It smells divine and uplifts the senses, while also detoxifying the body and softening the tissues. Ideal for use on any achy body part postpartum. Think soothing your tired neck and shoulders from new feeding positions, your uterus and its after pains, or your lower back.


Bright Body Baby Head to Toe wash- Perfect for that first bath with baby (and every bath after!) Only the safest ingredients that gently clean without drying out baby’s sensitive skin and hair.

$125 per basket

Email me to order yours now!

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