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A postpartum doula is an essential part of the fourth trimester (the first 12 weeks after a baby is born).

They provide non-judgmental, evidence based knowledge to the birth family. A postpartum doula educates them about caring for their new baby while also helping them recover and adjust to life with that baby.


 Support for the newborn and mother covers breast/chestfeeding as well as bottle feeding support, diapering and bathing education, light housework and meal prep, and screening for perinatal mood disorders. Our role is to make sure the birthing family is adjusting well to the physical and mental changes that come after childbirth.


Referrals to other local professionals is also an important service during the adjustment period. Postpartum doulas help build your community by connecting you to pediatricians, chiropractors, therapists, local moms groups, etc.

Having postpartum support during the fourth trimester is often the difference between an exhausting, lonely, intense adjustment period and a peaceful, joyful, happy one. 

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